The May Hardware website provides an overview of departments, brands, and services carried in-store.

About May Hardware

When Roy May started his general store, the closest supply source was in Boise, a two day journey. Roy’s philosophy was “you can’t sell it if you don’t have it,” and he stocked his store accordingly. He was known for having everything from dynamite to fishing lures (which were sometimes used together!). That philosophy hasn’t changed. Customers often marvel at the depth of products available in this little store.

The original May Hardware was on the south side of Lake Street in downtown McCall. In 1940, it moved across the street onto the lakeshore where it remained until 2002. Then owners Rick Fereday and Bob Hill moved the store to its present location at 809 N. 3rd Street, a few blocks from the old location. Bob Hill has since retired and Scott Fereday has taken over for Bob. Drop by and let us help you.