“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Okay, enough Shakespeare, but the question remains…what’s with the name Micael McKenzie?

As it turns out, Micael (pronounced “Michael,” you know, like a boy’s name?) is founder McKenzie Kraemer’s first name. Despite the alliteration that putting Micael McKenzie together creates, the importance doesn’t stop there!

When Micael McKenzie, Inc. was founded in 2007, “Micael” created a perfect metaphor for what we continually strive to provide our clients: new ways to solve the same problems. This goal helps us achieve competitive results that exceed our clients’ expectations no matter what the budget may be.

So, ask yourself…is it more efficient to spell a name “Micael” or “Michael?” We would argue that “Micael” is the better way to go: least amount of letters (or dollars spent) for more impact (“Micael” definitely makes a more unique statement than “Michael”). How could we not use Micael McKenzie as our company name?

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To provide quality integrated marketing solutions for small businesses. We are committed to developing strong client relationships by exceeding goals and objectives through innovative marketing solutions, attention to market conditions and diligent monitoring of results.

mckenzie kraemer


McKenzie was born and raised in Boise, Idaho and have spent most of her life in this beautiful state. She attended the University of Idaho and graduated with a BS in Public Communications and Writing then moved to Missoula, Montana to complete her Masters of Business Administration.

A day after graduation, she moved to McCall…a BIG shocker to her family who assumed she would gravitate toward the big city lifestyle. But the mountains, pine tree smell and small town camaraderie of McCall was too good to pass up.

After working in real estate marketing for several years, she went back to school and earned a BA in Web Design from the Art Institute. That led to the beginning of Micael McKenzie Inc Creative. A freelancer at first, the company became a full time passion in 2010.

Since that time, McKenzie has been privileged to work with area businesses and immerse herself and the company in the local economy.

McKenzie loves to be in the outdoors hiking, snowshoeing, camping, boating, and social skiing/snowboarding (three runs then a beverage in the parking lot style!). She is happily raising two budding marketers with her husband in McCall.

Kelly Miller


Kelly was born, raised, and lives in northern Indiana (really – remote work and a stroke of luck brought us together!). She graduated from Ball State University with a BFA in Visual Communications and has been working as a graphic designer and web designer for 6 years. Kelly is a jack-of-many-trades and enjoys working on a wide variety of projects. If she’s not doing design-work, she enjoys board games, crocheting, reading, and getting outside as much as possible.



Michelle Mooney is long time resident of McCall. She is a highly motivated and organized project manager with a passion for delivering successful outcomes. With a B.A. in Communication, Michelle brings a strong foundation in effective communication and collaboration to her role. She possesses a natural ability to motivate and inspire her team, always maintaining a hopelessly positive attitude with levity that encourages productivity and fosters a positive work environment. Her commitment to organization and attention to detail are key to her success in completing complex projects.

Outside of work, Michelle enjoys reading, volunteering, exercising, and spending quality time with her family. These interests and her kids keep her humble, help her maintain a healthy work-life balance, and contribute to her overall well-being.