What a tough life I lead…getting to be surrounded by all of the stunning flowers at High Mountain Nursery is just another day at the office! High Mountain is McCall’s first nursery and offers fabulous perennials, annuals, trees, shrubs and landscaping services. Not to mention a wealth of knowledge offered up readily to¬† help you plan your yard to perfection.

While the primary pages of this site is static content, we wanted to make sure we captured the beauty of the area and emphasize the fact that High Mountain Nursery specializes in…high mountain plants! For anyone who has spent an hour in McCall, you know that our climate is dramatically different than the Boise valley. Many of us try to get a jump on planting season by hauling plants up from the valley in May and then wonder why everything dies. High Mountain is unique in that they cultivate plant varieties specific to our area – and in the right seasons!

I would love to invite you all to visit the High Mountain Nursery website to learn about what works in our area – then stop in and get planting!