The Central Idaho Historical Museum in McCall, Idaho is a step back in time. Housing amazing pieces like the Corliss Bullwheel that ran the steam engine at McCall’s sawmill and the original Fire Warden’s House, a stop at this museum should be a must-do for anyone living in or visiting the area.

When looking at this website project, we had a few very specific requests that had to be met. First, the entire site needed to be “above the fold.” We found that the majority of our site visitors had the tendency to not scroll down a webpage and as such, would miss a lot of great information unless it was immediately in view. This meant creating custom galleries and pages that scroll left to right rather than down the page. We also wanted to highlight the artifacts on site without giving too much away – after all…we want people to visit the museum in person!

The resulting site provides just enough information to whet the appetite while still leaving the integrity of visiting the site in person intact.